It’s THUMB DRIVE, not a finger drive

I want to do this with my missing fingertip.

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Anonymous whispered: Oayr, E ghuf. Pid oui lyh'd tu dryd vunajan.

Ehtaat…E’s y meddma ycrysat ed’c kuha uh drec muhk. E tuh’d fyhd drec du pa y bansyhahd cumideuh, dryd’c duu tyng y bydr vun sa du dyga.

tagged: #Anonymous #ask
Anonymous whispered: Damm sa ypuid ed?

Kuddy cdyo cyha cusaruf, o’ghuf?

Why is everything a metaphor? Somebody plz explain

Oui’na kuha yht E kud du cdyo rekr ymm dra desa du gaab oui uvv so seht


Why am I not watching this show
What is this show

Parks & Recreation

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If I die tomorrow, serve only these prawns at my funeral

Emergency anxiety chinese fud